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Gällivare Business is hiring a Project Manager for Arctic Food Arena

Do you want to join our team in an exciting new role?

Are you a distinct visionary with a knack for building relationships through communication? Do you thrive on innovation and idea generation? Can you execute plans on schedule, especially if those plans involve sustainably grown food in northern climates? If so, this role is for you!

Gällivare Business AB has secured EU support to establish an international test bed for circular food production in an Arctic climate. The project, known as the Arctic Food Arena, seeks to develop a new environment for innovation that recovers waste heat from the Hybrit and LKAB's major industrial projects planned in Gällivare. The Arctic Food Arena provides a unique opportunity to establish an engaging research environment. Here, the basic industries collaborate with food producers and universities to develop methods for circular food production.

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to climate-neutral food production in Sweden by 2045. In doing so, we will significantly increase our self-sufficiency and broaden the business sector in Norrbotten. This entirely new role of Project Manager for this large and groundbreaking project will be a part of Gällivare Business AB and will report directly to the CEO. Gällivare Business AB is tasked with creating the conditions necessary for conducting business that fosters long-term competitiveness and sustainable commerce in Gällivare.

If you would like more information about the Arctic Food Arena project, the Project Manager role, or Gällivare Business as an organization or employer, please contact Roger Hansson, CEO at Gällivare Business, via email at or by phone at 070-266 26 90.

The Arctic Food Arena project is funded by the European Union and Region Norrbotten.


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