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WA3RM's Plans for Large-Scale Food Production – A New Era for Gällivare

From left: Roger Hansson, CEO of Business Region Gällivare (Gällivare Näringsliv AB), and Thomas Parker, CEO of WA3RM AB.

Today, plans were unveiled for a new green industrial establishment in Gällivare. The initiative, called Regenergy Gällivare, plans to use waste heat from the production of fossil-free iron sponge to produce food. This project brings unique opportunities for Gällivare's local economy and has the potential to create a large number of new jobs.

"It has been an exciting and educational process to follow from the very beginning. WA3RM possesses unique expertise in reusing waste heat to drive modern, large-scale food production. It is therefore incredibly gratifying that we can now announce the initiative that is now on the drawing board; it could be the start of a new era for the local economy here," says Roger Hansson, CEO of Business Region Gällivare (Gällivare Näringsliv AB).

By 2026, the Hybrit demonstration facility for the production of fossil-free iron sponge is planned to be operational. The production process will also generate large amounts of carbon dioxide-free waste heat. WA3RM, a leader in large-scale green industrial projects, has now signed a letter of intent with Gällivare Energi regarding the utilization of part of the waste heat from this unique industrial project to drive food production.

"This project demonstrates that collaboration and cross-industry synergies move us forward in the green transition that Gällivare is at the center of. A more diverse economy with new industries and industrial symbiosis of this kind benefits the entire local economy in Gällivare," says Roger Hansson.

"We are incredibly happy to finally announce the plans for Regenergy Gällivare. It is by far the largest project in Sweden concerning energy recovery from waste heat streams to produce food. Regenergy Gällivare is perfectly timed, and we are convinced that it is an investment that will be able to show the way for how we can achieve a necessary green transition," says Thomas Parker, CEO of WA3RM AB.

WA3RM's plans create fantastic opportunities for increased investments in research, development, and innovation in Gällivare from both the government and the private sector. "My hope is that innovators, companies, and academia with an interest in foodtech and sustainable food production will take the opportunity to be part of the journey that now begins in Gällivare," says Roger Hansson.


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