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Shaping the Future of Sustainable Food in the North: Join Us in Gällivare

Welcome to 2024! As we embrace a new year, I find myself reflecting on the unique challenges and opportunities we face in the food system, eagerly looking forward to the exciting plans we have coming up. Join us at Arctic Food Arena for our inaugural Co-creation workshop on March 14-15, where we'll explore exciting challenges the food system and its many actors are facing. We are welcoming anyone who is curious and engaged in the food system in the north (or anywhere!) to join us at this unique event.

Over the past few months, our team, collaborators, and partners have generated significant positive buzz, focusing on the question of food security in the north. This topic is now at center stage, and we are proud to be part of the solution-driven efforts. We are exploring the potential of diversified circular food production in the North of Sweden, including the innovative use of residuals from green industries. Our goal is to build a network of committed people and foster diverse collaborations.  

Project Manager Laura Redmond

As the project manager of such a purposeful task, I see immense potential in the North. I come myself from Canada, having lived in Sweden since 2021. Growing up in Canada, I am oh so familiar with those -30 degree winter days- and I know the power of this shared experience that fosters a unique sense of unity. There is something so special about the bond that can form between people of all backgrounds when the temperature drops. The frigid temperatures seem to awaken our collective survival instincts and the importance of community and helping our neighbours becomes clear. And this mirrors so much the outlook that I have seen in the northern regions of Sweden when it comes to building a sustainable food system fit for the future.  

There is an urgency, an infectious energy, and a drive. We see Arctic Food Arena as a neutral platform where everyone can share their challenges and amplify voices crucial to creating solutions that benefit all segments of society.  The innovation and initiative being taken by many groups are inspiring, from a community-focused greenhouse using waste heat from data centers in Boden, to an entrepreneur's dream of bringing locally grown avocados to all of Sweden. The ambitions are high, and I have confidence in the people of the north to come together to find a way.  

I am so motivated by these initiatives and the collaborative efforts that they take. It mirrors that same bond formed in harsh climates, where we come together in times of need. This is why I am excited to invite you to a unique gathering in Gällivare, where we can channel this collective energy and innovative spirit.  

As we gear up for our very first Co-creation workshop here in Gällivare, I look forward to see the valuable contributions and potential collaborations it will bring. I hope everyone in this field, food producers, experts, and enthusiasts, does not miss out on this opportunity. - Jenny Eriksson, Communications Lead, Arctic Food Arena 

Join us for an engaging and interactive experience. While I won’t reveal all the details just yet, I can promise you an inspiring workshop filled with unique perspectives, interactive activities, and special moments. Our special guest, Eva Gunnare, will introduce us to the diverse and rich tastes of the north. Picture this: slowing down around a campfire, enjoying fika by the Vassara river, with the majestic Dundret mountain as our backdrop. We want to build trust between groups of people from all corners of the food and industrial sectors to find these critical connection points. Here, we aim to address the big questions by establishing an environment that brings together individuals capable of tackling them collectively. And maybe even get a glimpse of the northern lights.  

This is the first time we gather all the different actors interested in how food production can benefit from the large industrial developments happening right now and I can't wait to meet and see where it takes us! - Jerker Hellström Thorsell, project team member, Arctic Food Arena. 

This isn't just an invitation; it's your chance to be a catalyst for change. Join us, and together, let's unveil the future of sustainable food systems. Join us in our quest to ask the big questions, fearlessly contributing your creative and unconventional ideas that will pave the way for their solutions. It's a special chance to talk, share ideas, and be part of shaping the future of food. Don't forget to sign up by Feb 12 here. We can’t wait to welcome you. 

About the project

Arctic Food Arena is a project exploring the potential of diversified circular food production in the North of Sweden including the innovative use of residuals from green industries. And we do it by building a network of committed people and facilitating diverse collaborations. 

The project in run by Business Region Gällivare (Gällivare Näringsliv AB) and co-financed

by the European Regional Development Fund and Region Norrbotten.


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